Pay Per Branding

The internet advertising format for major brands

Pay Per Branding (PPB) is an internet supported advertising format based on a conceptual and technical layout by Igi Fischer.

PPB is geo-and-device-sensitive (powered by ReWapps 3.0).

It is designed for the purpose of being an online alternative to print media, touchline advertisement, tv commercials, product placement and various different ways of sponsoring.

PPB holds all qualifications to boost corporate identities (lobbying, brand awareness, brand loyalty, public image) and to accomplish the marketing objectives of enterprises who primarily provide offline products and services.

To that effect, Pay Per Branding is an attractive marketing tool to be particularly applied by most Global 500 and other major brands.
-> Industries to advertize via PPB

Recently, there are three Pay Per Branding applications available:

1. Branding of web properties

Tailored PPB apps can be embedded in any website or mobile app. By dynamically leasing the logo spot to sponsors (similar to selling venues' and stadiums' naming rights), each page/ app visit can be monetized without any user interaction.

2. Branding of clickable objects

Executing a click requires to focus the eyes on moving the mouse or finger over the clickable object. Hence, buttons are highly impacting spots to place logos of sponsors. Tailored PPB apps brand buttons to monetize e.g. the start of a video.

3. Branding of interactions

Tailored PPB buttons or banners lead to branded promotion pages or videos and automatically return to the initial page after performing/ X seconds (like an inserted TV commercial).

Industries to advertize via PPB

Automotive ++ automotive components ++ tyres ++ banking ++ insurance ++ investment services ++ credit cards ++ electric utility ++ oil & gas ++ consumer goods ++ retail ++ electronics ++ computer equipment ++ food & beverages ++ consumer goods ++ consumer durables ++ telecommunications ++ telecommunication electronics ++ cable tv ++ life style ++ sports wear ++ personal care ++ clothing ++ luxury goods ++ cosmetics ++ pharmaceuticals

Potential PPB hosts

High traffic mainstream websites and (free) online services ++ mobile apps ++ social networks ++ non-profit organisations ++ online dictionaries and wikis ++ search engines

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